Hublot MP-10
 Product Launch

Tendril and Hublot joined forces to unveil the MP-10, a timepiece that defies and redefines the conventions of watchmaking. In embodying this revolutionary spirit, we crafted a film and campaign that pushed the boundaries, merging raw energy and mystery with cinematic grit.

Approach & Aesthetic

No hands, No dial. Every single component is as new as it is rebellious, so we wanted the film to embrace that tonality, teasing each intricate, innovative component with texture, but without fully revealing the masterpiece until you’re at the very edge of your seat.

Capturing what the MP-10 does in this realm was a beautiful undertaking: ascribing to an aesthetic ethos, but here its expression is much more fluid. The visual celebration we crafted highlights what happens when Hublot continues to push the limits of modern and contemporary watchmaking.

Precision & Complexity

Redefinition comes into play through bespoke elements like the center in-line chassis, 35° tourbillon, and linear weight energy system. We represented the technical prowess of the watch design through a unique graphic approach that highlights the innovation behind each element.

Reinventing Power

We also flexed the central architecture of the watch, where two blocks of white gold sit on a vertical axis along which they are free to move. These two vertical weights engage a rack and are able to wind the movement bidirectionally—giving the MP-10 a power reserve of more than 48 hours.

Curves on Curves

The film highlights the creation of a multi-axis compound curved glass lens that uses Hublot's unique sapphire material. No part of the glass is flat, a new feat in Hublot's manufacturing process.

Process + R&D

As trusted creative partners, we immersed ourselves in intensive R&D process that matched the watch's unconventional approach to innovation through unadulterated craft. The results from R&D alone are worth a deep dive, which you can check out in our Behance page.

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