Working once again with the team at AutoStore, Tendril was tasked with capturing the bright, elegant future of order fulfillment made possible today through AutoStore’s Router, an industry breakthrough in cube storage algorithms.

The film focuses on the human perspective and redefining the status quo of the consumer retail experience. The team was challenged with visualizing the unique benefits of the AutoStore Router-powerered system: highlighting the primary selling points of the system, re-familiarizing the audience with the main system modules and visualizing the processes through simple, abstract visual metaphors.

Using bright, engineered surfaces and consoles, we created an intimate and up-close perspective of the brand and user experience. Paired with natural, moving light we curated a tactile and touchable look and feel. Our goal is always to capture people’s hearts and minds, rather than overload them with technical information. This approach is another immediate differentiator for the AutoStore brand.


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