Collaborating closely with the team at Hublot, Tendril crafted a launch film and visual asset library for the Big Bang Integral Time Only collection.

Artisans at heart – the team at Hublot wanted to celebrate the naturalistic aspects of the Integral Time Only collection. Focusing on the raw materials themselves – Titanium, Ceramic and Gold – our goal was to capture Hublot’s approach to material innovation and the experimental paths that go into fusing each material into these wearable works of art.

The balance of material physicality and the mechanics of individual watch elements was visually paired with abstract moments of raw material fusion through their changes of state. Using patterns, symmetry, and minimal design elements, we were able to mimic the mechanical precision and structured aesthetic of the Hublot identity.

Process + R&D

Client: Hublot
Art Director: Alex Bertrand
Senior Digital Content Manager: Yann Lauener
Production Company: Tendril
Creative Director: Chris Bahry
Director: Joey Recoskie
Executive Producer: Mary Anne Ledesma
Producer: Brittany Sheahan
Design: Joey Recoskie, Zachary Corzine, Rita Louro, Bureau Klaus Alman
Houdini Simulation: Bureau Klaus Alman, Zachary Corzine
CG Supervisor + Model: Ben Pilgrim
Light + Render: Nemanja Ivanovic, Jeff Briant, Joseph Recoskie, Zachary Corzine, Bureau Klaus Alman
Compositing: Alex
Sound Design + Music: Cypher Audio

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